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About Us

About Us

NTM was established in 2016 by leadership with deep roots in toll management and enterprise-level technology. These professionals recognized that dramatic expansion in cost-control and governance requirements have made it necessary to design a new approach to meeting customer needs if the industry is to continue to progress.

Deploying equally dramatic advances in technology, the NTM team has been dedicated to building a service that is aligned with the current cost models, business needs and requirements that are challenging the industry.

Our Mission

To give our customers the power to experience and enjoy travel along every road.

Our Value

Our centralized payment and reporting also allows for better accuracy and transparency when recording charges and expenses, as where charges are passed through to final customers. We service fleet vehicles for rental, delivery, shipping, sales and corporate use. We also service individual owner operators who wish to better manage and report their toll expenses."

National Toll Management is your partner in business... not a vendor. We recognize our mutual success is a collective effort, which we take very seriously.

Steps in Our Process

Our process is simple, but requires a lot of time and very specific experience to execute effectively.

Collect Data

Toll data is collected from all participating toll roadways throughout the U.S.A. and Puerto Rico, and is matched to our customers. The process allows customers to travel, by car or trucking fleet, to all tolled roadways without concern of missed or unpaid tolls and fees.

Data Analysis

We analyze all data to support an efficient toll-processing environment. Our expert IT team gathers and secures the data to help customers realize more than 20 percent in cost savings.


We help neutralize violations.


We pride ourselves in providing customers with an exceptional customer service team, who work in a supportive team environment throughout the process.

What We Provide

We provide full service solutions for fleet vehicles;

Transponder Based

The transponder model can be serviced in two ways, installations within vehicles or provided over the counter. NTM manages the transponder funds and controls systems that match each transponder to vehicles or vehicle use contracts.

NTM directly pays for all tolls generated by the transponder. We collect toll data from the toll- road authorities, and provide customers with one detailed invoice for tolls and fees.

Video Tolling

For video toll customers, NTM will ensure that all vehicles are registered with the various toll- road authorities and that the accounts are properly funded, so that customers can drive freely through toll roads.

Tolls will be posted to NTM accounts and, in turn, NTM will bill customers with one bill. This convenience and assurance adds a significant boost to customer satisfaction for rental companies and various types of fleet use.

Violations Management

If your company has generated paper violations, NTM will process the paper violations, waive 99.9 percent of fees, and bill customers for tolls and the regular convenience fee -- eliminating 100 percent of your paper violations and providing a viable solution for everyone.

NTM maintains relationships with the toll roads nationwide and uses proprietary software that integrates with the toll roads for a smooth transition.

NTM also will provide world-class customer service to you and your customers with any toll- or violation-related question they might experience.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." -- Henry Ford

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the tolls paid?When a motor vehicle passes through a toll collection facility and the toll payment is not made by either using cash or an electronic transponder, a photographic image of the vehicle's license plate will be captured at the toll lane. The first-listed registered owner of that vehicle will receive an invoice in the mail for the accumulated toll amounts plus any administrative fees. 
Why is there an administrative charge?The administrative charge covers the costs of administering the tolling program. It includes reviewing photographic images of license plates captured by toll collection facilities, sending invoices and processing payments.
How would I dispute a toll charge?There are several options should you need to dispute a charge; you can contact us by email, or call and speak with any of our customer specialist for assistance.
How long before I will receive my refund or credit?All refunds are processed within 24 hours based on your bank it can take up to 7 to 10 days before the funds are available on your credit card.
How can I check the status of my registration?You can check the status of your registration by clicking on: CLIENT LOGIN
How did you receive my credit card information?Your Credit card information is provided by the agency in which you have rented the vehicle. This information is safe and secure and is encrypted once you have been charge for tolls.

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